Saint Petersburg, Russia
Moika river embankment, 42

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Historical location

"Residence Moika"

The mini-hotel «Residence Moika» has existed since 2007. Its name answers its location - the River Moika Embankment, which 5 beautiful kilometers are decorated with the buildings interesting from the architectural and historical points of view.

The most well-known of them is the house located on the Moika river, 12. Here have passed the last months of A.S.Pushkin's life and here the poet was brought after his fatal duel. In 1937, after a century from the date of his death, the apartment museum was established.

If you choose our mini-hotel «The Residence Moika» you’ll have a fine opportunity to enjoy sights of this remarkable city, from the early morning as it is seen directly from your windows, the Moika river where boats are sailing. The river practically comes close to the buildings, giving the excellent opportunity to admire the unique architecture of Saint Petersburg.

It is difficult to imagine the more successful placement, as the Hermitage, the Palace area, and the main prospect of the city – the Nevsky Prospect is situated only in a few minutes walking distance from it. The quiet night walks down it, especially during the period of white nights, are the sure recipe for its staying forever in your memory.

To crown the day full of impressions from sight-seeing, you can finish it in the «Literary cafe», which is situated near the «Residence Moika» Hotel. In the beginning of the XIX century Volf and Berenger situated a well-known confectioner's shop in this house which was very popular with lots of well-known Russian writers.

Residence , Moika Embankment, 42.
St. Petersburg, Russia.

(812) 570-09-89
(812) 570-05-63